Frequently Asked Questions

How can I exchange private messages with friends?

Private or peer-to-peer messages are currently not supported.

Can I export my posts as MathML?

You can do this by viewing the post in a browser and copying the mathml content.

Can I export my posts as TeX / LaTeX?

This is currently not possible.
However there are some MathML to LaTeX converters available online and it should be possible to copy the MathML from the web interface and use these to convert to TeX / LaTeX.

Why can't I use rich text in messages (such as bold / italic font) ?

This is not possible and is intentional. Text formatting such as bold / italic are not easily indexable or searchable and our focus has been to ensure that the messages content is easily searchable.

Why is the font size in math elements smaller than that of the text font?

The fonts used for math and text content are both of the same point sizes.
In order to keep the download size small, we only include the math fonts with the app and the platform dependent system fonts are used for the text. Due to this, the font family used for the text and math elements are different and the default system fonts on android / iOS have a slightly bigger x-height than the math fonts, leading to the above issue.