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Why you should join:

Be a part of a wonderful and friendly self-help community with a focus on mathematics and the mathematical sciences.  Get help when you want it and on the other hand, you will find opportunities to guide and mentor others.

Mathematics on the go - mobile apps for iOS & Android provide you the right tools to clearly express your thoughts.  Messages can include text in any langguage and math expressions (in mathml format).  You can add in #hashtags to messages to allow for these to be easily searchable and so that subscribes of the #hashtags can receive them in real time (if they are online).

Mathematics underpins an immense body of human knowledge a deeper understanding will help you to realise your full potential and enrich your life.

Support for formal mathematical proofs is planned for the future.

Features list:

  •     Quiz of the day.
  •     Instant and real-time messaging.
  •     Add in mathematical expressions in messages.
  •     Built-in math editor uses a subset of mathml as the native format.
  •     Messages can be also viewed on a browser based interface.
  •     Add hashtags in messages, hashtags can be in any language.
  •     Subscribe to topics (hashtags) and users.
  •     Invite friends from your contact lists, invitations are sent via SMS / email.
  •     Basic implementation for formal mathematical proofs powered by the Lean Theorem Prover.  Only boolean laws such as distributivity are currently supported.

Minimum requirements for Android:

Android Lollipop (5.0) or newer.

Minimum requirements for iOS:

Any device running iOS 9.3 or newer.

Known limitations:

  • Within math elements, it is not possible to languages other latin script.  However we will be adding support for additional scripts in the future.
  • Right to left languages may or may not work, this has not been tested.

Note on the logo:

The glyph between the F and Q is called vdash or turnstile.  More information available in wikipedia article.


In order to sign-up, you will need to agree to the privacy policy & terms of use.  These are summarized below:
Privacy policy:

  • We will never sell any of your personal data.
  • Personal details such as DOB / gender only collected to get the gender / age distributions of users.
  • Certain information is collected on each sign-in, including IP address & device info, for security reasons.

Terms of use:

  • The theme for this social network is mathematics and it is important to remain on the theme.  Diverging too far and too often from the them will get you banned from the network.
  • Real name to be used.

Note on formal proofs component:

 - Powered by lean.
 - Only logical proofs.
 - In the future - there should be something more useful & user friendly.


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Screenshots on iOS: